Funeral arrangements

"At the end, all that stays is gratitude and love"

Funeral arrangements

We all do not know when we will have to say goodbye to this world.

Dealing with death and planning one's own farewell can therefore enrich one's life because one can live the remaining years with less worries.

With funeral arrangements, there are various possibilities to formulate one's own ideas and wishes and to keep them ready for the moment of farewell:

1. Funeral wishes - record only the most important things

Those who wish to regulate the essential points of their farewell can record their wishes in an informal document. The following questions can be clarified in a funeral wish:

  • Type of burial (burial or cremation, choice of coffin and urn).
  • Place of burial (cemetery, nature, at home)
  • Type of gravesite (single grave, family grave, communal grave, urn niche)
  • Place and type of funeral (church, funeral parlour, nature)
  • Form of information (obituary, mourning circulars, thank-you notes, address lists)

Under no circumstances should the funeral wishes - like any funeral provision - be integrated into the will or kept together with the will. Because the reading of the will usually takes place after the funeral, the funeral wishes would become known too late.

+ 2. Precautionary arrangement - relieving the burden on relatives

+ 3. Pension contract - everything bindingly regulated (only possible from 2022)

No matter what you decide, Jöri Funerals will support you in all aspects of funeral arrangements. You are welcome to contact us for an initial discussion free of charge and without obligation.

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