Types of burial

The most common forms of burial in Switzerland are cremation and burial. If the deceased person did not express an opinion on the type of burial during their lifetime, the family can decide.

"One day, we will be together again"



At a funeral, the deceased person is placed in a coffin in a grave in the ground.

At an urn burial, urns can also be placed in a ground grave. Here, the deceased person is cremated in a wooden coffin in a crematorium beforehand.

Burial is a tradition in many religions, where the body of a deceased person is consciously entrusted to the earth.


Natural burial

In Switzerland, there is no obligation to bury an urn in a cemetery.

In a private setting, there is no obstacle to burying an urn in nature or in a garden.

On private land, the permission of the owner should be obtained. Forests, mountains or bodies of water are often considered "public" space. There, the burial of the ashes is usually not a problem.


Water burial

Water burials in Switzerland are possible in both rivers and lakes.

You can either release the ashes directly into the water or in a special water-soluble urn.

If the lake is deep enough, the burial can be carried out from a jetty or directly from the shore at a steeply sloping wall. It is also possible to book a smaller or larger boat, which can serve as the location for the water burial and the funeral at the same time.


Diamond funeral

A memorial diamond, love diamond, or mourning diamond is a diamond that is made from the ashes of a deceased person. These diamonds are a symbol of connection.

Since only a fraction of the ashes is needed to make the diamond, it is important to consider what will happen to the rest of the ashes.

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